Doxing Odessa 2014 killers: poets and Net archives


It so hard to hide nowadays. Especially if you are a spy, a politician, or a contract killer.

Let's see how it works in Ukraine in the context of its civil wars. Here are the dramatis personae:

Mr Nikolai Volkov, Николай Волков,
- notice the vest

Mr Andrei Parubiy (Андрій Володимирович Парубій)

The former gentleman has been pursued by the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior since 2012 (see their official page* or this "National Anticorruption Portal" entry).
*[Update: the Ministry page is gone, good that I archived it on time]

The latter as of May 2014 serves as the current Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, while holding the reins of the Right Sector: a friendly, peaceful mutual assistance society that I mentioned here before.

Yet this large institution could not find the fugitive gun-for-hire Mr Volkov for years. I gave it a try. In some minutes, I found this latter easily, and so can you. On YouTube.

Here he is: four days before the Odessa May 2014 massacre, Mr Volkov was shaking hands, discussing the tactics, and receiving bulletproof vests from the aforementioned Andrei Parubiy, representing the very Ministry that is presumably still searching for the former:

Parubiy hands in the vest
Unbelievable? Check out the official TV report "Андрей Парубий подарил добровольцам одесской самообороны современные бронежилеты", published on 29 Apr 2014, thus before the 2 May Odessa massacre, by the Взгляд из Одессы news agency. Its description says: "Секретарь Совета национальной безопасности и обороны Украины подарил добровольцам, дежурящим на патриотических блок-постах на въезде в Одессу современные бронежилеты 5-го класса защиты.", a rough translation: "The secretary of the Internal Affairs Ministry provides the volunteers manning the patriotic roadblocks at the entrance to Odessa the modern vests of the fifth protection class"

Having taken a well-deserved rest, on the next day Mr Volkov

Typical Soviet maskirovka, but used against the Russian interests this time.

Here's a more detailed analysis of how it works. And here is a wiki page about him.

[Update August 2014:]
Note there are claims that the "pro-Russian" fat bastard without a shirt on is NOT him, but a Виталий (Боцман) Будько, read here:

«Кроме того, другие свидетели также подтвердили, что в этом автомобиле “Скорой помощи” находился Боцман, у которого не было ранения, и еще два других раненых активиста Куликова поля. Кстати, дальнейшая судьба оружия, из которого стрелял Боцман, не выяснена до сих пор», – отметила Татьяна Герасимова.
Судя по видео, добавила она, полковник Дмитрий Фучеджи был ранен очень легко, так как был в сознании, когда садился в этот автомобиль.

but I find it hard to believe. Why should a real pro-Russian "volunteer" should undress in the street before taking the assault rifle? Their "Parubiy" flack jackets look the same, anyway.
[enf of update]

If you speak Ukrainian, you may wish to call the Ministry (Ukrainian number 48-779-49-61) about this find. The investigators would just need to ask their bosses where these criminals and killers are. As you can see, their bosses would know it best, after all this heart-warming cozying up.

Please note this bespectacled "consultant", hiding his features under a baseball cap, dressed in unique fatigues and with hands in the pockets: 
Bespectacled "observers" in the Right Sector road block
Based on his "tan", he may have recently flown over from warmer climes. I would discount Spain, Libya or Italy.

Here's the same gentleman, already smack in the middle in Odessa, during the height of the ops:
Source Napaki log

This Ynet article confirms that during the time of the clashes there were "a few hundred Israelis studying abroad in Ukraine" on the ground, who "have been treating victims of the violence". Indeed, some of them were doing so. I counted two bona-fide first aid medics in public materials.

But please. Would 300 of such 25 year old Israeli "students", most if not all of them after IDF service, be preparing for another Magic Carpet mass rescue?
Given the overspilling civil war with Novorossiya and the resulting hatred that they helped to foment, such puppet masters may as well be responsible for World War III, if Putin gets desparate and paranoid about being encroached also from the Ukrainian flank.

[Update September 2014: I wrote it in May 2014. As of now, the real, not proxy, Russian-Ukrainian war is in full swing.]

OK, let's return to the Ukrainian players on this stage, operating under unknown directors. Some of the other nice gentlemen and ladies, true bearers of the opryshki, haydamaki, banderovtsi, rezun etc. traditions, are as follow:

  • Резниченко Борис Александрович, born in Zaporozya, 06 June 1995 (check out his archived personal page, quickly deleted after the massacre, but Google Cache is unforgiving here). "He was included in the reserve team of Ukraine in Greco-Roman wrestling in the weight category of 120 kg":
The largest resolution I could find
(right click to view or save)
Swearing on the Ukrainian flag in March 2013
At work:

  • Angela Aravina, Анжела Аравина (archived source, archive2), the alleged author of the flagrant quote: "My jacket smells of burt rubber, and it has blood on it... On the one hand it is scary, when I remember faces of the dead, but on the other side [I feel] pride, and there's nothing I can do about it" (у меня куртка пахнет горелой резиной и на ней кровь... и с одной стороны ужас, когда вспоминаю лица мёртвых, а с другой стороны гордость, и ничего не могу с этим поделать)

and some more, their hands busy with Molotov cocktails:

  • https://aloban75.livejournal.com/691787.html
  • http://vk.com/wall102212738_6407
  • https://archive.today/XxWIW (Dmitro Bily - a pure Nazi glorifying Hitler, see the pic below)
  • Unknown:

For more details, check out this third-party Counterpunch article about the meticulously planned masacre in Odessa.

When done with their pogrom (a mini-holocaust being the right term here), probably using chloroform and napalm B, they quickly mocked and dehumanized the victims online:

And here are some (! I need to stress it) members of the Azov batallion.

OTOH, some (!) of their Russian oponents are even worse: puppy-killing nazis (I am not making it up) or plain psychopats.

NSA materials on doxing (source1, source2)
Now, time for the moral. Once you become a target of the hive mind, distributed Net intelligence, enhanced with the now ubiquitous cameras, instant indexing, caches and blogs disecting them, there's little chance of escaping the attention. You will always leave ditigal crumbs of your bloody deeds. Sooner or later, you will get doxed.

As the Polish poet Miłosz wrote about it, already in the 1950s: 

The Net remembers. When you erase a page - a new one is born.
The deeds shall be written down
so shall the chats.
A frozen field is thus better for you.
And a
a branch,
under the weight.

OK, it's my licentia informatica - Miłosz wrote about poets, himself y compris, not us, Netizens, back then. Yet it is the Net who makes for a crueller, less forgiving, automated bard....

After I wrote this investigative piece, I discovered that such citizen sleuthing is being curtailed by our EU courts. Yes, our European Court of Justice backs the 'right to be forgotten', forcing Google etc. to remove some search results. It goes against the spirit of the previous ruling of EU justices. Or does it?

As Shakespeare had it:

... give me your blessing: truth will come
to light
; murder cannot be hid long; a man's son
may, but at the length truth will out.  

Truth is born, while censorship and fear die, in the long run. But we need to help them arise and shine, each time. Shall you?

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