Do you want a Muslim prophet to suck your child's tongue?

As I have learned recently, the hadiths (sacred sayings about Muhammad, a Muslim prophet that is, which serve as moral guidelines for his followers) claim some weird things about this gentleman.

Leaving the question of sex with his 6-year old wife Aisha aside, this is what they posit:

Muhammad's saliva was blessed and the babies whose tongues he sucked should be chuffed about it: I saw the prophet – pbuh  [=holy be his name, etc.] – sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al-Hassan son of Ali, may the prayers of Allah be upon him. For no tongue or lips that the prophet sucked on will be tormented (by hell fire)
Musnad Ahmed Hadith Number 16245, volume “The Sayings of the Syrians,” chapter “Hadith of Mu’awiya Ibn Abu Sufyan” 

He [Muhammad] used to spit into the mouths of suckling children and his saliva would satisfy them until nightfall
Ash Sifa of Qadi Iyad, Madinah Press, 2004, page 184

On a later day we requested a wet nurse for him (Ali) but he refused her breast so we called for Muhammad - pbuh - WHO PLACED HIS TONGUE IN ALI'S MOUTH and he fell asleep. This is the way it was as Allah willed it.

He spat in a well that was in Anas’ house and there was no water in Madina sweeter than it.
Al Bayhaqi, Ash Sifa of Qadi Iyad, Madinah Press, 2004, page 183


One day, Muhammad went to the market, there he found Zahir, whom he liked, so he hugged him from behind. Zahir said: let go of me, who are you? Muhammad told him: I'm the slave trader, and refused to let go of him so when Zahir knew it was Muhammad, he drew (stuck) his back closer to Muhammad's chest.
Al Seera Al Halabya (Muhammad's Biography) by Al Halabya, volume 3, p. 441 and Fathy Rdwan in his book Al Tha'er al A'azam (The greatest rebel) 

It reminds me of Ruhollah Khomeini discussing how to properly rape girls YOUNGER than 9 years old:

Whoever has a wife under nine years old cannot penetrate her, whether she is his permanent wife or his temporary wife. But other forms of sexual pleasure are allowed, such as lustful touching, embracing, or rubbing the penis on the thigh of the girl, even if she is an infant still. And if the baby’s vagina is so badly damaged that the bladder and urethra “become the same”.he penetrates her before she is nine year old, and her hymen is not broken, he has only sinned, and if  he has only sinned, but if he has, then she will be forbidden to him forever, and [he has to pay for her her entire life]. [Iranian source plus Google translation of the original fatwa, by now deleted]

Here words of disgust fail me and limbic indignation sets in.
Reuters: A golfer hits a tee shot as African migrants sit atop a border fence, Melilla

More on Shia fatwas that you wish you never knew about can be read in my other post here.  Mind you: such knowledge is hard to unlearn!

Granted, in Judaism some rabbis give ritual herpes to tortured and scarred newborn children (milah and periah), by sucking their dicks (mesisah), so both abominations are close. Please give me examples from other religions below.

Religious people. Avoid them. Like the plagues they often cause.
Be a good parent and keep them away from children.
Any children.
From your children.
And other people's children, too.

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