Ebola 7: Doctor declared free from Ebola after a quarantine miraculously dies three days later


Meet the doubly courageous doctor Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, infected by Patrick Sawyer.  

 Patrick's ebola-stricken sister

Let us start with this Patrick guy. Here's the fuller story about this vile international bioterrorist, but in short, after leaving his wife and kids in the USA for a younger model in Liberia, he started to work for Arcelor Mittal as... their Public Health manager (check this). Then he got infected there when caring for his ebola-stricken sister, Princess Christina Nyennetue (see the photo, read an eulogy here).

Diagnosed positive, Patrick was concealing his infection for days, flew over to Nigeria with governmental blessing, OK-ed by Sebastian Muah, a Liberian Minister, then infected dozens of people there on the way, and conveniently died in Lagos.
Chain of infection by Patrick and his sister

Doctor Ameyo, the one who was treating Patrick there, was almost successful in single-handedly restraining Patrick from running away (yes, she got physical with the cursing, agressive and urinating "do you know who I am?" Patrick), despite intense pressure from vile Nigerian and Liberian diplomats.

Ameyo's valiant efforts would have saved the whole country, if not for yet another vile Nigerian diplomat, who during his enforced quarantine escaped hundreds of kilometers by plane to Port Harcourt for secret treatment, infected a local doctor Ikechukwu Enemuo there, came back and survived to tell the tale.

What happened next? The infected vile Ikechukwu doctor kept concealing his ebola for days in Port Harcourt, infected thus dozens of his colleagues treating him unawares for high fever, and conveniently died. His cadaver was lying untagged, unclaimed and unprotected in another clinic, infecting the staff there as well.

And then?
Yes, you guessed it right. Ikechukwu's sister, also a medic, concealed her ebola and flew over to another district to escape. Should we call her vile, too? I do not know. She was not alone: the same happened with numerous other suspect cases in Nigeria, as other local medics, nurses, officials followed her trail.

But let us come to the saintly doctor Ameyo, who did not run away like the other ones, but just quarantined herself without much ado.

After the seclusion period, in August 2014 Ameyo was publicly declared healed by the Nigerian Minister of Health, as after numerous medical tests she was hailed an ebola survivor and sent home:

Ebola infected medical doctor, Ameyo Adadevoh has recovered from a bout with the deadly Ebola virus. Dr. Adadevoh was declared Ebola-free and discharged from quarantine, becoming Nigeria’s first Ebola survivor.
Dr. Adadevoh was the doctor who treated Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who brought Ebola into the country, at First Consultant Hospital, and was subsequently infected with the virus, has recovered and was discharged from the Isolation centre in Lagos Saturday.

Ameyo Adadevoh, a senior consultant, was the first Nigerian infected with the virus and had been receiving treatment at the Isolation centre.
The Director of Communication and Community Mobilisation for the Nigerian Emergency Operation Centre on Ebola Virus Disease, Adebayo Onajole, confirmed that Adadevoh had been discharged.
The Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, also confirmed the news a press conference on Saturday night.
The patient was discharged following series of laboratory investigations that declared him [her] fit to go home


The Director of Communication and Community Mobilisation for the Nigerian Emergency Operation Centre on Ebola Virus Disease, Adebayo Onajole, confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that Adadevoh had been discharged. He however  declined to give further details, saying  the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, would hold a press conference later tonight to fully brief the media about the doctor’s recovery. The spokesperson to the Minister of Health,  Dan Nwomeh, also confirmed the development to PREMIUM TIMES. “Yes, yes, that’s true. I’ll send you a statement on that immediately,”

The Director of Communication and Community Mobilisation for the Nigerian Emergency Operation Centre on Ebola Virus Disease, Adebayo Onajole, confirmed to NE that Adadevoh had been discharged. The Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, also confirmed the news a press conference on Saturday night.

"God be praised!", "Our prayers helped!", etc. were the comments in the local press.

Miracle of miracles, in three days' time, Ameyo was dead:

Dr. Adadevoh died at an isolation centre where she had been quarantined alongside other doctors and nurses who treated Sawyer at First Consultants Hospital, Obalende, Lagos.
Reports had suggested earlier that she had survived the disease and had been discharged from quarantine, until the Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu issued a statement clarifying that she was not the survivor.

Don't you see a slight contradiction here?

Premium Times the original source of the survival story, immediately claimed that the esteemed Professor and the Serene Minister who had announced it made a mistake in the name:
EDITOR’S NOTE: We have updated this post by deleting the initial name provided to us by officials as that of the discharged patient. We learnt that name is incorrect, and we are making effort to obtain the correct name of the survivor. We apologise for the mix-up.

Miracles and mistakes abound. Or...?

Here's another report:
A government source told SaharaReporters that a medical doctor at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) clinic in Lagos, who attended to one of the doctors that treated Patrick Sawyer, developed Ebola symptoms.
Interestingly, the suspected victim, a woman, had previously been treated and discharged, later being brought back into quarantine to be observed and retested. 

This second hospital had been closed on 8 August because... of a chance visit of a MALE patient SUSPECTED of ebola:

The Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division of the NNPC, Ohi Alegbe, said in a statement that it was discovered that the patient visited the First Consultant Medical Centre during the period the first Ebola case was reported at that clinic.
Mr. Alegbe explained that the pre-emptive step was taken after the case was duly reported to the Federal Ministry of Health as well as officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Health.
He said the medical team had assured that the patient was in stable condition.
A source at the NNPC told PREMIUM TIMES that the staff that visited the First Consultant Medical Centre went there to visit his wife. The hospital is where late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian that died of the virus in Nigeria, died.
“The (NNPC) staff’s wife is said to be one of the nurses that was diagnosed of Ebola at the hospital,” the source told PREMIUM TIMES.

And here is the medical and political background. Would this be the real reason?:

World Health Organization & U.S. FDA Issued Confidential Warning Against Nigerian Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, For Spreading Rumours Of False Ebola Cure.

The W.H.O. and American FDA Have Issued Joint Statement That: 

(1) Nigerian Doctor rumoured to be cured of Ebola was NOT cured of Ebola because the doctor NEVER had Ebola. (Initial test result was a “FALSE POSITIVE” which occurs in 1 out of every 150 tests). 

(2) U.S. FDA warned U.S. firms for targeting African nations and falsely marketing “dietary supplements” as Ebola cure. USA threatened penalties

(3) W.H.O./FDA issued “Confidential NOTICE” to Nigerian Health Minister, Oyebuchi Chukwu, for endorsing an unproven U.S. nutritional supplement” and “thereby promoted false rumours of an Ebola cure.” (WHO threatened to block Health Minister’s accreditation if he spread false rumours again)

(4) W.H.O. affirmed its ruling this week that the experimental drug, ZMapp, can be used on Ebola victims where available. WHO stated categorically that ZMapp is NOT a cure for Ebola and that EBOLA HAS NO CURE. 

Letter of dismissal
sent by minister Chukwu
to thousand of medical staff

WHO’s “Confidential Notice” condemned Mr. Chukwu as “irresponsible” for saying that unidentified Nigerian scientist living overseas had arranged for Nigeria to get experimental medicine. Chukwu identified it as “NanoSilver,” a supplement offered U.S. firm, Natural Solutions Foundation, NSF.  

Read also about the state of Nigerian medicine.

Even with best intentions, and operating free from political correctness, ebola tests are too often wrong, with false negatives and false positives: read my post about ebola test specificity. With bad intentions, such tests can go wrong for a number of non-medical reasons:

Breaking News: Mr. Musa Bangura the lab technician who was arrested in Kenema government hospital in Sierra Leone for manipulating Ebola data – changing sample results from positive to negative and charging patients for as little as Le30,000 ($6.00) has escaped from custody.

It is only August 2014 now. Already today it seems my warnings about God, ebola, and gullibility were not dire enough...

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