Russian priest exorcises demons from a Russian currency exchange server but fails to boost the ruble

A Russian Orthodox priest casts out demons of the server of the Russian Central Bank responsible for maintaining the ruble (source 1, source 2):

2 DEC 2014: Orthodox Christianity vs
currency exchange demons

I checked the RUB/EUR currency rate, and the exorcism did not help to maintain the rate of the ruble:

Thus the political and IT demons seem to have won.

From the comments to this Facebook post: 
А кто знает, сколько сейчас стоит айфон по крестить? - Does anybody know what is the going rate now to baptize one's iPhone?

Надо бы каждый серверный шкаф открыть и тупо по ведру святой воды, а еще лучше из брандспойта, чтобы наверняка! -  They should leave open each cabinet to such servers and flush it with a bucket of holy water. Even better would be to hose it down to make sure!

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