Censored Wikipedia article: Racial segregation in Liberia until 1940s

Yet another Wikipedia article: Racial Segregation got partially censored by PC-minded contributors boycotting the consensus-building process, that is by not engaging in discussion but rerereverting.

The relevant historical cases of segregation section that I wrote, gone for good by now in all the official Wikipedia copies, claimed:

In Liberia in the period of 1847 to 1940, the tiny (0.6 percent by the 1960s[54]) elite of Americo-Liberians created communities and social infrastructure closely based on American society, maintaining their English-speaking, Americanized way of life, and building churches and houses resembling those of the southern United States, dominating the native Africans[55] and also transplanting the then popular concepts of racial segregation[56]. To maintain the essense of their superiority, the Americo-Liberians practiced segregations and discrimination over the native Africans, who were kept in their place and lived in separate tribal enclaves. They sat separately during political meetings, church services and public gatherings. Native Africans could not marry nor have an affair with Americo-Liberian women[57] and were refused full citizenship[58][59].
with the referenced scholarly sources that I imagined to support such claims.

The only non-ad hominem and non-procedural argument against these was that the sources don't say so: "you already know that your addition cites a bunch of sources that contain nothing even mistakable for support of the claims you added.", etc.

After trying to add additional scholarly references such as:
Pre-civil war Liberia was not only racially stratified but was also racially segregated.... The study reveals that non-enforcement of existing laws coupled with racial/ethnic and gender discrimination were a problem in the country ... [From: International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice Volume 37, Issue 1, 2013
with the key term contained in them or the relevant statistics:

[The American protestants] build up African [Protestant] churches [...] charges that missionaries were mealy-mouthed about social injustice...  [the tiny elite in Liberia counted] 0.6 percent in the 1960 [and the Americo-Liberian immigrants were] practicing exclusion [of the natives] [From:  Elite Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives].
this section was expunged altogether and worse. 
I wonder when this current version of History of Liberia, stating the same for years, will be fully censored, too:

The Americo-Liberians created communities and social infrastructure closely based on what they knew - American society. They spoke English, built churches and houses in styles resembling those they were familiar with in the southern United States. Although they never constituted more than five percent of the population of Liberia ([The American protestants] build up African [Protestant] churches [...] were mealy-mouthed about social injustice [the tiny elite in Liberia counted] 0.6 percent in the 1960 [and the Americo-Liberian immigrants were] practicing exclusion [of the natives], they controlled key resources that allowed them to dominate the local native peoples: access to the ocean, modern technical skills, literacy and higher levels of education, and valuable relationships with many United States institutions, including the American government.[11]
Reflecting the system of racial segregation in the United States, the Americo-Liberians created a cultural and racial caste system with themselves at the top and indigenous Liberians at the bottom.[12][13][14] They believed in a form of racial equality by which meant that all residents of Liberia had the potential of to become "civilized" through conversion to Christianity and western-style education.

The Native Americans section of Racial discrimination also got the chop, because of the alleged copyright violation by copying from the main Blood quantum laws Wikipedia's (!) article (as indicated in the above comment itself where it came from).

I am thus recreating it here from the archive before it fully disappears:

2.10 Native Americans

Main article: Blood quantum laws
Each federally recognized Native American tribe in the USA has established its own criteria for membership.[132] Given the new revenues that many tribes are realizing from gambling casinos and other economic development, or from settlement of 19th-century land claims, some have established more restrictive rules to limit membership.
Such actions have led to charges of racial injustice and controversies such as that of the Cherokee Nation's 2007 vote to exclude those Cherokee Freedmen with no Indian ancestors on the Cherokee-by-blood Dawes rolls, although the Cherokee Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that they were legitimate members of the tribe in 2005. Similarly, in 2000, the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma attempted to exclude two bands of Seminole Freedmen from membership to avoid including them in settlement of land claims in Florida, where Seminole Freedmen had also owned land taken by the US government.[133][134]
Since 1942, the Seminole have at times tried to exclude Black Seminoles from the tribe. The freedmen were listed separately on the Dawes Rolls and suffered segregation in Oklahoma. More recently, the Seminole refused to share with them the revenues of 20th-century US government settlements of land claims. The Center for Constitutional Rights has filed an amicus brief, taking up the legal case of the Black Seminoles and criticizing some officials of the Bureau of Indian Affairs for collaborating in this discrimination by supporting tribal autonomy in lawsuits. By treaty, after the American Civil War, the Seminole were required to emancipate slaves and provide Black Seminoles with all the rights of full-blood Indian members.[134]

Let us see how these articles fare there against the prevailing PC winds...


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Jabotinsky in his own words

When editing some Wikipedia articles, I came upon an interesting reporter, Mr Robert Gessner, who toured Europe just before WW II (see his sample article Some of my Best Friends are Jews for a short bio).

Here's an interesting article cum interview he penned about Jabotinsky, whom he called a "Jewish Führer" (and he was not alone in using such epiteths). Of note is that most of Jabotinsky's geopolitical plans have been realized since the 1930s...

by Robert Gessner
February 19, 1935
The New Masses

The Zionist movement is a Jewish Nationalist movement aiming at the establishment of a "Jewish National Home in Palestine." It dates back to the eighties when as a result of a wave of pogroms in old Russia a movement known as the "Lovers of Zion" was established. Political Zionism, however, as it is represented by the present World Zionist Organization, dates back to 1897 when the first Zionist World congress took place in Basle, Switzerland, dominated and led by Dr. Theodore Herzl, a noted Austrian journalist. Dr. Herzl and his followers as late as 1914 were still striving to obtain a "charter" for Palestine from the Turkish Sultan. For this purpose Dr. Herzl sought the aid of the ambassadors and cabinet members of the various rulers of pre-war Europe, the Czar, the Kaiser, etc. A Jewish National Bank was established in order to "buy" Palestine from the Turkish Sultan.
Brown Shirts in Zion source

Zionist diplomacy went on the rocks with the birth of the Young Turkey movement in 1908 and with the overthrow of the Sultan in 1910. It was only during the World War, when the British government issued the Balfour proclamation proclaiming Palestine a Jewish National Home in order to win the Jewish masses to the Allies' side that the Zionist movement obtained a new lease on life. The British government, however, generously promised Palestine to the Arabs as well. As a means of drawing in the Arab masses in its war against Turkey, England assured the Arabs that Palestine would be part of a United Arabistan.

This double dealing has had its consequences in a number of racial outbreaks in Palestine. The British government, which still holds the League of Nations mandate over Palestine, is seeking to retain the balance of power and to appear as the "protector" now of the Arabs, now of the Jews. It has been claimed by the Zionists that the outbreaks of August, 1929, when numerous Jews and Arabs were killed, were to a great extent fomented by British agents. The League of Nations recently made a blunt declaration that Palestine will never become a Jewish National Home under the mandate.

A section of the Zionist movement -- the Revisionists -- led by Vladimir Jabotinsky has been accusing the parent Zionist body of playing England's game in Palestine instead of realizing the Herzl objective: the establishment of a Jewish State. The Revisionists have been urging defiance of Great Britain. They aim to secure this Jewish State by force, through organizing the Jewish youth into fascist bands. Jabotinsky recently arrived in the United States in order to gain a favorable hearing for the Revisionist program.

The Jewish members of the revolutionary movement have always fought Zionism as detrimental to the interests of the Jewish masses. A number of their reasons may be formulated as follows:

Zionism is a tool of British imperialism which needs Palestine for its own purposes;

Zionism is dispossessing the Arab peasants and is conducting a colonization by conquest with the aid of British bayonets;

No nation can solve its problems by emigrating to another country, even if Palestine were not so small and so thickly populated;

Zionism draws away the attention of the Jewish masses from the problems of the countries where they live;

Zionism separates them from the masses of other nationalities;

As a chauvinist movement it is a breeding ground for fascism. -- THE EDITORS.


HE WAS an ordinary Brown Shirter. Sitting in a cafe in Berlin I asked him, "Why don't you allow the Jews to participate in this reconstruction of the Fatherland?" His ordinary face showed a slight disgust at the naivete of my question. "Jews," he said, "are not Germans. Let them build up their own fatherland."

This is what 300,000 of them are attempting to do today in Palestine. Zionism is the nationalist movement of the Jews. A few have gone to await the second coming of Moses; they may be called Religious Zionists. Many have gone to make money at orange-growing or apartment-house-building; they are Capitalist Zionists. Others have gone to live communally on farms; they are Socialist Zionists, and since these are the Socialist Nationalists of the Zionist Movement they may be partially described as Pink Nazis. The Nationalist Socialists on the other hand are the Revisionists, or the Brown Nazis of Palestine. They believe in the Jewish State 100 percent, with their own Jewish army and even, I might add, a Jewish navy on the Dead Sea! The Fuehrer of the Brown Nazis in Palestine is Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Jabotinsky was born in Eastern Europe, where, it is said, "we have always for the past fifty years thought in terms of nationalism." The Zionist movement had its first following among Eastern European Jews, and today they remain the strongest adherents to the nationalist creed of Zionism. Jabotinsky was a member of Allenby's Jewish Legions that marched into Jerusalem after the departure of the Turks. Today the young, stern-faced legionnaires of Jabotinsky march through the streets and wear shirts, like their nordic brothers in Germany. In Poland I had seen them marching through the streets (side streets in the ghettoes) singing "Poland for Pilsudski, Germany for Hitler. Palestine for Jews --"

From the halo that his young legionnaires had painted about his head I had imagined Jabotinsky to be tall, angular, a Russian giant. From his oratorical reputation I had expected long, expressive hands. Upon returning to America after seven months of observing Jews in Europe, Asia and Africa I heard that Jabotinsky was on board the liner, en route to America for a lecture tour. I climbed to the first class for an interview.

Jabotinsky is no Kerensky. He is a short, squatty, unattractive man. He has large, dark eyes, a snub nose, enormous lips with the lower one protruding and a jaw that acts like the lower lip. His face slants outward, like the Neanderthal Man's.

Vladimir Jabotinsky

He announced he would speak frankly, so that Revisionism would be made clear. The skin under his eyes contracted, his lower lip went out, the jaw stiffened. "Revisionism," he began, "is naive, brutal and primitive. It is savage. You go out into the street and pick any man -- a Chinaman -- and ask him what he wants and he will say 100 percent everything. That's us. We want a Jewish Empire. Just like there is the Italian or French Empires on the Mediterranean, we want a Jewish Empire."

When I inquired into the method of securing this Jewish Empire his voice became hard and determined. "We will take no no for an answer. In your universities in America you teach that a gentleman accepts no for an answer. Well, we don't."

Jabotinsky's idea is to keep asking the English to allow him to have a Jewish Empire until the English are so groggy from saying no that in a semi-conscious condition they will feebly nod their heads in consent. This logic is based upon the belief that English diplomacy is flighty, that is, saying no to everything and then coming around to yes when they have admitted their error.

"After you've gotten the Jewish Empire," I continued, "what is it to be?"

"Palestine is to be the homeland for ten or twelve million Jews."

Palestine is, incidentally, a two-by-four country, two hours wide and four hours long by auto. The 900,000 Arabs have been long complaining, and official England is agreeing, that the 300,000 Jews are making life an unbearable sardine box. Land values have skyrocketed overnight. Dunams, which are about one-fourth of an acre, have already sold for as high as $5,000. Into this sardine box Jabotinsky means to stuff ten or twelve millions Jews. I asked what about the sixteen million in all the world. He answered that in the remaining four million he was frankly not interested! A Jewish Empire of ten or twelve million suited him.

Jabotinsky's empire, like all other empires, has territorial desires. Jabotinsky's opposition to the Jewish Agency, which is the administrative office of the World Zionist Organization, crystalized into the founding of the Revisionist Party over the question of Transjordania. Following the Arab riots of 1920 and 1921 against Jewish colonization, Winston Churchill, then Secretary for the Colonies, wrote one of those famous White papers. To appease the Arabs he divorced Transjordania from Palestine and set it up as a mandatory territory by itself with its own parliament and ruler. The Jewish Agency acquiesced to this bill of divorcement. Jabotinsky, at that time an executive member in good standing in the Agency, refused to stomach this "betrayal" of his compatriots, and consequently launched himself against Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Ben Gurion and the other Agency Judases.

Revisionism is not the proper title for his party, the Fuehrer believes. He explained that the question of a name came up at the hurried last session of his first world congress, when it was decided the last minute to call themselves revisionists because they were for a revision. But personally he believes the title should have been the Jewish State Party. I suggested Fundamental Zionists.

"Yes, we are the pure Zionists," he answered. "We go back to the first Zionists. Herzl was a Revisionist. He believed in the Jewish State."

The German Fuehrer, to establish ancestral purity for his party, called Christ a nordic!

The Jewish Fuehrer believes that since the the time of Herzl, the nineteenth-century inventor of Zionism and the First Revisionist, there have been compromises, with the result that the goal has not been attained. "But I will make no compromises," he said. "I believe in the upbuilding of the Jewish State at any cost. If we must invest three or four generations in this upbuilding then that must be done."

"But in the capitalist economy, which as you know is the basic and ruling economy of Palestine," I asked, "which class of this three or four generations is going to be sacrificed in the upbuilding of a bourgeois society?"

"It will be the workers," he admitted. "But if the Jews accept going to Palestine in the first place, then they must expect to starve, be ready to starve for the sake of the Jewish State. There must be no strikes, because strikes are monkey-wrenches thrown into the machinery reconstructing the Jewish State."

Having heard Jabotinsky's plan to control labor, I asked about the sacrifices of capital for the sake of the fatherland.

"Oh," he said, "capital and labor must suffer alike." He said this so glibly.

On this point the Jewish Fuehrer agrees with the Italian Fuehrer. This cardinal point of Jabotinsky's Corporate Jewish State was recently accepted by the Jewish Labor Party. Those "Pink Nazis," known as the Histadrut or the Jewish Federation of Labor, signed an agreement with Jabotinsky. Histadrut, which has a monopoly of control over 80 percent of all Jewish workers in Palestine, is run by its majority party, the MAPEI or Socialist Zionist Party, which is affiliated with the Second International. The Revisionists are not members of the Jewish Federation of Labor, which numbers 60,000 workers; the Revisionists have about 1,000, who are in great demand by employers, having been forbidden to strike by their Fuehrer. The Revisionists break up strikes inaugurated by Histadrut workers; there is no love lost or found between the factions. The Revisionist youth learn their strike-breaking tactics in semi-military camps, often located beside a Histadrut agricultural commune.

"I do not know why Ben Gurion [leader of MAPEI] signed the agreement," Jabotinsky answered my question. "But to me it was a great advantage, because we are weak and a minority. The Labor Party by warfare could limit us, refuse us entry certificates for our immigrants [The Palestine Government controls Jewish labor immigration by issuing limited entry certificates to the Jewish Agency for distribution]. But the Labor Party has agreed to our principle of obligatory arbitration in questions of pending strikes."

Many of the young workers in Histadrut are disgruntled with this Ben Gurion peace treaty, claiming that he sold out just when they had the Revisionists licked. Undoubtedly the Brown Nazis have been given a new lease on life by the Socialist-Zionists, just as they were given a new lease time and again by the Social Democrats in Germany. It must be remembered that MAPEI is affiliated with the Second International.

Is Jabotinsky grateful for his reprieve? "But," added the Fuehrer, "there can be no coordination between us."

Jabotinsky believes the socialist ideology unacceptable for Palestine. The "communist" colonies are "interesting but too expensive," and are "too small and scattered to have any consequence on the economic structure of Palestine." He pointed out that of the 60 odd million pounds that have been invested in Palestine only eight million have been National Fund money. Private factories, not agricultural "communist" colonies, will allow more workmen to enter and find employment. Consequently, he believes in the system already in action, namely, capitalism.

While in Tel Aviv I called on Jabotinsky's first lieutenant, Ben Horin, for an explanation of the tenets of Revisionism, since his Fuehrer was at that time not allowed to reside in the embryo Jewish State by the dictators of the more mature Empire of Britain. Ben Horin, who runs a news agency and who may be described as the Goebbels of the movement, was even more outspoken than his Fuehrer on capitalism for Palestine. "The capitalist is always in the right," he said, "because he creates jobs for Jews."

The divine right of kings had nothing on the divine right of capitalists in Palestine, because they are, ipso facto, ordained by Moses to prepare the earth for the Second Coming of the Messiah!

"The exploitation of labor," said Ben Horin, "is approved by the principle that it is aiding the establishment of the Jewish State. It is not a question of the standard of living of the Jews in the Jewish State, but of the number of Jews in the State."

The anti-labor ideology of the Revisionists stems from their common hatred of Communism. Most of them left Russia for Palestine during the years of and immediately following the Civil War.

In answer to my question of how he planned to assist the establishment of capitalism in Palestine Jabotinsky outlined his plan. First, to demand of the British tariffs to protect industry. [Palestine is a mandated country free of tariffs although certain duties of a 12 percent level have been levied.] Secondly, to demand a geological survey of waste lands to see what minerals are there for exploitation. Thirdly, to have the Palestine Government control all land settlement, instead of the Zionist Agency.

Of the practical economic future the Fuehrer was frankly stumped. "If the robot comes to Palestine we are finished. The robot will make the proletarians an obsolete class."

"The robot?" I repeated, getting very concerned about this liquidation of the proletariat. "What do you mean?"

"Technocracy, the American brand," he replied.

"Oh," I sighed, relieved. The Palestine proletariat were still safe.

"If technocracy comes to Palestine we are finished, but I do not mention any of that when I make propaganda in my speeches. I am concerned only with the Jewish State."

The American audiences of Jabotinsky will be spared a discussion on technocracy, but will not be barred from hearing the fascist refrain, the magic cure-all: the Jewish State.

"Where do 900,000 Arabs fit into the Jewish State?" I asked.

"In the colonization of any country," the Fuehrer said sadly, "the native has always suffered. There can be no Arab state if there is to be a Jewish State. In the Jewish State we would guarantee them the same rights Jews are guaranteed in other states."

A novel idea. The Arabs under the Jewish State are to be held hostages for all the remaining Jews in the Diaspora, the four million that Jabotinsky is frankly not interested in!

The Fuehrer believes there can be no compromises on the Arab question. "The dickering of Dr. Weizmann and Ben Horin is futile," he said. "You can't buy off the Arab with backshish [an Arab word meaning a tip.] The Arab can understand reason only when we have enough armed Jewish youths to lick him."

After disposing of the Arabs as so many American Indians Jabotinsky attacked the English as idiotic. Inasmuch as they are too dumb to protect the Jews Jabotinsky proposes to do it himself. "If Palestine can be settled peacefully -- all right," he said, "but I say let there be Jewish legions in the British Army in Palestine. I will supply the men and arms."

Jabotinsky was quick to add that he was not anti-British. In all the years previous Jabotinsky has been notorious for his belligerent, uncompromising attack on England. Now he talks like any other diplomat. "We have the same point of view as Britain, even if she doesn't know it. It is best for her to have a highly organized, cultural society, obligated to her because of having received its national opportunity from her, residing on the borders of the Suez Canal."

I reminded the Fuehrer that Palestine does not border the Suez Canal, but that the Canal is in an Arab national territory, Egypt. The Fuehrer made a gesture which was meant to sweep away boundary lines. Having disposed of the south I asked him next how would the expansion of a Jewish State in the north not come into conflict with England's oil pipeline.

"Ah, Haifa," the Fuehrer began, "will be the largest port on the Mediterranean. There will be a new breakwater from Haifa to Acre -- it will make a harbor as large as the Solent." In his enthusiasm he pictured a new Jewish harbor destined to make shadows of Alexandria, Gibraltar, Marseilles, Genoa, Trieste, Venice, Naples and even Constantinople.

Jabotinsky considers his Jewish State the sole protector of Britain's highway to her imperial interests in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. England has no land on the Mediterranean, he speculates, except Gibraltar, which will recede to the Spanish; and the island of Cyprus, which he claims England offered to give back to the Greeks after the war but they won't take it. In his new role of diplomat Jabotinsky forgets that there was a revolt in Cyprus to return to Greece, which the British suppressed; and he also forgets the existence of the naval station at Malta, and that the British have soldiers and airplanes already stationed along the oil line, and in Egypt are quartered 11,000 Tommies, almost as many as the whole Egyptian army. Under the pretense of being England's Mediterranean watchdog Jabotinsky dreams of a Jewish Empire expanding into Egypt to take over the Suez Canal and expanding into Iraq in order to protect the highly valuable oil line.

Jabotinsky's underhand ideology for achieving his goal is no recent tactic. His hatred of the Bolsheviki drove him in 1921 to sign a pact of military co-operation with the White Guard, Ukrainian Nationalist and notorious pogrom-maker, Petlura. Jabotinsky told me that he "would be as proud today as I was then to sign such an agreement."

The Fuehrer of the Jewish Brown Shirt Legions explained his signature as follows:

Petlura had in 1921 15,000 soldiers in a Polish camp waiting for French support in order to attack Soviet Ukraine. Slavinsky, Petlura's foreign minister, called on Jabotinsky who was in Prague at that time. "No more proclamations," Jabotinsky told him. "I or no one else will believe them. There must be some action, not words." To protect the Ukrainian Jews Jabotinsky proposed to organize and arm a Jewish gendarmerie to follow in the rear of Petlura's army and after a Jewish town has been captured protect its population from pogroms.

I pointed out that it had been Petlura himself who had conducted the bloody pogroms on all of his expeditions into the Ukraine. "No," the Fuehrer disagreed, "I don't believe Petlura himself was anti-semitic. He came from a healthy, peasant stock. It was his soldiers who got out of control."

Jabotinsky was and is today proud of having signed a co-operative pact with a general who he admitted had no control over his own pogrom-rioters, while on the other hand the Jewish villages, that he purported to be the protector of, were at that time under the Bolsheviki who had already guaranteed and protected Jewish lives and property. At that time the Bolsheviki had been victorious on all the invaded fronts and had even signed a peace treaty with England. Stability was recognized when France in the same year withdrew her support of Petlura. Why then didn't Jabotinsky in his desire to safeguard the Jews support the Bolshevik Government at a time when it stood in the least possibility of being overthrown? Instead he signed a co-operative pact with a non-existing government, the Ukrainian Nationalists, the leader of which was in Poland, not in the Ukraine. Jabotinsky obviously was more interested in overthrowing the Bolsheviki than in protecting Jews. In fact his plan meant the sacrifice of Jews. Can anyone imagine a Jewish gendarmerie following in the rear and not being drawn into battle, or not being forced to do so by Petlura's uncontrolled bandits? Or can anyone imagine Petlura's pogrom-seasoned brigands being refused their prey by a handful of inexperienced Jewish youths, who had been placidly observing them while they drove off the defenders of the village?

Jabotinsky, because he said he would sign a similar pact today and be proud of it, is more interested in overthrowing the Soviet Government than in protecting Jews. In answer to my question he said he was not interested in whether anti-semitism has been abolished in the Soviet Union. Nor was he interested in the Jewish colonies in Russia. He counts out -- for the present -- the two million Russian Jews [I corrected him in that they are really three million but he insisted on the two] because he doubts if the government is economically sound.

The Fuehrer of the Brown Shirted Legions of Judaism is in America because "Revisionism is the genuinest proletarian movement in the world in that it is the poorest." In America about one percent of the Jews are Zionists. What fraction of another one percent will donate money to the Jewish Hitler?

More on Gessner :

Robert Gessner Is Author of New Book  

Robert Gessner. young professor of English at New York University, whose literary career in a few brief years has won him national recognition, has written a new book. "Some of My Best Friends Are Jews." which is be- ing released by Farrar and Hinehart of New York. His keen presentation of a modern problem, follows "Mass- acre," which startled an administration from its apathy in deal- ing- with Indian affairs, and "Broken Arrow." big two out- standing publications, in addition to short stories and verses. In announcing his new book, his publishers comment as fol- lows: "Hobert Gessner's new book. SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE .1I3WS. is a. sincere and straightforward attempt to under- stand and analyze modern antiSemitism, not only in this coun- try but all over the world. His whole life has been in good meas- ure a preparation for writing this book, much his finest and raost important thus far. "Almost thirty years ago he was born into a dual sort of world. His father, Herman Gess- ner, has a. profound consciousness of race, and has been active in Jewish and Zionist activities in the Northwest for many years. He founded the first Zionist organization in upper Michigan, engineered picnics and conventions, and locally led every national drive for Jewish charity. Often his son Robert would accompany him to Zionist conventions, some- times to play TSli-Eli on his violin, sometimes to deliver orations on Jewish life. Herman Gessner is a member of. the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, tho B'nai B'rith. and is on the board of Jewish Orphanages and poorhouscs, yet lie has aided the blind and crip- pled children of his state regardless of race. From his father Robert Gessner learned all that was fine and noble in the Jewish past and present, and a broad love of humanity that surpassed barriers of class and race. "And yet. he grew up free from racial discrimination. Soc- ially his family was on equal terms with gentilo families Ot the same class in the town of Escanaba, Michigan. Gessner's friends in school were gentile boys and girls, and although the question of race discrimination began to present itself in college —-the University of Michigan—it was not till Hitler that he began to feel the bitterness of race— haired on an international scale. "He was familiar with race oppression. Ihrough his friendship with the much-abused Indians, with whom he had lived. His hot anger at what was being done to them resulted In th6 writing of his first book. MASS-' ACRE, which caused a sensation and helped to force a reform in the treatment of the Indians. "The things which Robert Gessner found out about the; Jews of the world he has set I down in SOME OP MY BEST FRIENDS ARE JEWS. It is the fruit of years of travel. re- reareh. and thought. It is a book that is certain to cause a storm of controversy in gentile no less than Jewish circles. There is nothing here which is morbid or hysterical, nor is it written from hate or fear or any passion : it is that rare sort of volume, a book that is as big as its subject.''
(source: The Escanaba Daily, 5 December 1936) 

The president of Poland is treated as a Messiah

Ver 1.0.3

The Christian New Testament, Luke 11:27-28, has the following story of popular adulation mitigated by Jesus himself:  
And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him: Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked.  But Jesus said: Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.

Guess what: the very same slogan was used in a recent political demonstration in support of the current president of Poland, Mr Andrzej Duda

Polish source article

Verbatim transcription:
Polish Messiah in statu nascendi
Dear President [Duda:] Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked.  

I kid you not: it is a public apotheosis of the current living Polish president.
The benediction of Duda's mother's paps aside, as a masculinist I must decry the omission of blessing for the loins that begot him:
"Blessed be the penis that conceived you"

What comes next, though? Accusations of sacrilege and auto-da-fé executions of those that dare oppose Mr Duda's divine political mission? Have the times of new inquisition really arrived? 


Déjà vu public opinion about migrants

A "déjà vu" quiz about xenophobic sentiments for you: when were the below statements expressed, by whom, and about which immigrants

1. The X hate our order, our civilization, our enterprising industry, our pure religion. This wild, reckless, indolent, uncertain and superstitious race have no sympathy with the English character. Their ideal of human felicity is an alternation of clannish broils and coarse idolatry. Their history describes an unbroken circle of bigotry and blood.
Current British Prime Minister

Q: Who are X, and when was it proclaimed in the British Parliament? 

2. From a USA opinion poll: What is your attitude towards allowing X, Y [nationals] and other political refugees to come into the United States? 

Percentage of the answers given:
Positive, and raise the migration quotas: 4.9%
Positive, but do not raise the quotas 18.2%
Negative, as "these are bad times": 67,4%

Q: Which nationals are X and Y, and what was the year of the poll?

3. The way stateless X and Y are pouring in from every port of this country [the UK] is becoming an outrage. I intend to enforce the law to the fullest.
Herbert Metcalde, an Old Street magistrate

Q: Who are X and Y, and what was the year?

4. I believe that this nation [the USA] is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. ... However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States. ... I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation's downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.
A US Senator

Q: Who are the non-integrated deadly enemies storming the gates, what foreign problems that should be kept out are meant here and when was it said?

5.  Illegal immigration is crisis for our country [the USA]. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding costs to our judicial, healthcare, and education systems.
Q:  When was it said?

6.  I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigration [to the USA].

Q: Famous who and when said that?

7. In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us [...] this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American... There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.
Q: Famous who and when said that?

8. This is the lesson the Justice Department is trying to teach: that aliens are not being persecuted, that registration involves neither stigma nor suspicion, and that failure to register may well be construed as evidence that the alien has something to conceal. Odd as it may seem, the Government has no accurate knowledge of how many aliens are actually in the country. It estimates that there are more than three and a half million, but while it has fairly precise figures for many, there are others who entered legally before [a date given] for whom there is no count at all. 
Q: Who are these aliens, and what is the year

9. Should the US government permit 10,000 mostly X [genuine] refugee children to come in from Y?
Q: What is X and what is the percentage of the "No" answers?

10.  Should we permit more or fewer persons from Europe to immigrate [to the USA] than we did before the [Second World] war? 
Q: What was the percentage of the "no" answers after the Nazi genocide was publicly known?

Scroll down to see the answers below.

1. The Irish, so described by the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, in 1870s (Source)

2. The Germans, Austrians (that is mostly the Jews), in 1938:
Source: American Institute of Public Opinion

3. The Jews and other German refugees, in 1939  (Source)

4. "Un-American" migrants, bringing communism and anarchy, in 1952 (Source

5.  US Congressman Tim Murphy, in 2006 (source)

6. US Democrat Hillary Clinton, 2003 (source)

7. US President Theodore Roosevelt, about 1919 (source)

8. Everybody, the year was 1941, and they had much to fear, as they even the US citizens of  Japanese origin were about to be interned (source). 

9. Jewish, the year 1939 and 61% of No answers:


Sounds familiar?


O pasożytnictwie słów kilka

Cytaty z Wikipedii:


Każdy rodzaj pasożytnictwa wymaga przystosowania się pasożyta do odmiennego środowiska życia lub specyficznych cech gospodarza. Pasożyty zewnętrzne wykształciły mechanizmy przyczepiania się do ciała żywiciela. Wysoki stopień przystosowania jest szczególnie widoczny u pasożytów wewnętrznych. Są to często zwierzęta o znacznie uproszczonej budowie: brak narządów ruchu, zanikający przewód pokarmowy, odporność na działanie enzymów trawiennych u pasożytów jelitowych, czy odporne na działanie układu odpornościowego żywiciela antygeny powierzchniowe u pasożytów krwi[2]. Funkcje chłonne jelita przejęła u nich powierzchnia ciała[10]. Trudności związane z zamknięciem cyklu życiowego (przegęszczenie wewnątrz ciała żywiciela, konieczność jego opuszczenia) rekompensuje duża rozrodczość i wykorzystanie żywiciela pośredniego.

Niektóre pasożyty mogą wywoływać zmiany zachowania swoich żywicieli (poprzez zmiany hormonalne), a nawet zmianę ekspresji genów[2].


Greek παράσιτος (parasitos), "one who eats at the table of another"[8] and that from παρά (para), "beside, by"[9] + σῖτος (sitos), "wheat".[10]


Istnieją także pasożyty pasożytów:
An epiparasite is one that feeds on another parasite. This relationship is also sometimes referred to as hyperparasitism, exemplified by a protozoan (the hyperparasite) living in the digestive tract of a flea living on a dog.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasitism#Host_defenses


Nie przymierzając, takimi nadpasożytami byliby Cyganie:
  • wynajmujący zapijaczonym oszustom Polakom mieszkania w Birmingham, nieprawnie uzyskane wcześniej od tamtejszej rady miejskiej [historie podobne do tych tu lub tu], 
  • chajtającym się na niby z Nigeryjczykami, tylko dla brytyjskiego paszportu [tu lub tu], 
  • pożyczający sobie lub Afgańczykom dokumenty i numery ubezpieczenia społecznego [tu], albo 
  • przewożący najnowszych afrykańskich najeźdzców węgierskimi czy rumuńskimi ciężarówkami z Grecji do Niemiec, z tragicznymi tego konsekwencjami [tu]. 
A może my też nimi jesteśmy, tego nie zauważając, w naszych rodzinach, społecznościach, krajach, świecie? Co sądzicie? 


List do Polskiej Fundacji Dzieci i Młodzieży: polityczne kryteria doboru finansowanych programów

Sent: Friday, October 16, 2015 To: 'XYZ@pcyf.org.pl'
Subject: Kryteria doboru dotowanych programów

Szanowni Państwo,

W swoim publicznym programie działalności piszecie: 

„Naszym celem jest wszechstronny rozwój dzieci i młodzieży. Staramy się pomagać liderom organizacji społecznych, nauczycielom, dyrektorom szkół i placówek edukacyjnych oraz tym wszystkim, którym zależy na rozwoju młodych ludzi, by stawali się osobami odpowiedzialnymi, twórczymi, aktywnie kształtującymi własne życie i środowisko lokalne.” (źródło).

Z ciekawości zajrzałem do zasad finansowania i listy zaakceptowanych przez Państwa wniosków o dofinansowanie, które dają lepszy obraz celów działalności. Oto co Państwo wspierają: „Dotacje udzielane w ramach programu mają na celu: zwiększenie udziału obywateli w życiu publicznym, upowszechnianie wartości demokratycznych i praw człowieka, rozwój działalności rzeczniczej i kontroli obywatelskiej, wspieranie grup narażonych na wykluczenie, wzmocnienie kondycji organizacji pozarządowych i tworzenie warunków sprzyjających rozwojowi trzeciego sektora” (źródło)

Zaś wśród promowanych (zaakceptowanych) inicjatyw są takowe:

Fundacja Aktywizacja
Od Konwencji ONZ do Społecznej Inwencji

Stowarzyszenie Amnesty International
Samorząd przyjazny prawom człowieka
Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Twórczych "ę"
Zoom na Rady Seniorów - Uniwersytet Obywatelski
Ośrodek Myśli Społecznej im. Ferdynanda Lassalle'a
Outsourcing usług technicznych przez instytucje publiczne
Polski Instytut Praw Człowieka i Biznesu
Monitoring wdrażania Wytycznych ONZ ds. Biznesu i Praw Człowieka w Polsce.
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Menedżerów Komercjalizacji Innowacji
Środki publiczne a system zarządzania i wdrażania innowacji w organizacjach
Stowarzyszenie Europejskie Centrum Innowacji
Nowa Sól
Audyt społeczny języka urzędowego w subregionie zielonogórskim
Stowarzyszenie Studentów, Absolwentów i Przyjaciół KMISH UW ProCollegio
Monitoring zlecania usług prawniczych przez samorząd terytorialny
Fundacja "Promilitaria XXI"
STOP dla mowy nienawiści wobec kobiet w służbach mundurowych

Na tym zakończę, dotarwszy do 1/3 tej listy.

Proszę powiedzieć: co mają one wspólnego z „rozwojem dzieci i młodzieży”? Czemu zamiast na polskie dzieci (przypominam: taka jest nazwa Państwa fundacji i publicznie deklarowane cele), zamierzacie Państwo wydawać (co prawda cudze) pieniądze na militarystów (fundacja, wspierającej nowoczesne rozwiązania krajowego przemysłu obronnego” - źródło), na komercjalizację innowacji technologicznych przez biznes lub organizacje polityczne?

Czyż niektóre z nich to nie „podmioty zrzeszające grupy zawodowe, których celem jest jedynie wspieranie i ochrona interesów ich członków, oraz organizacje, których celem jest jedynie wspieranie jednego podmiotu (szkoły, uczelni, teatru itp.)”?

Oto niektóre z projektów, które z kolei odrzuciliście:
Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja
,,Inkubator Powrotu" - pomoc rodzicom dzieci nieuleczalnie chorych.

Fundacja Dom Rodzinnej Rehabilitacji Dzieci z Porażeniem Mózgowym
Wsparcie i terapia rodzin osób niepełnosprawnych "W Rodzinie tkwi siła"

Fundacja Edukacji i Wspierania Rozwoju EVOLVER
Aby się rozwijać- rozwój, wsparcie, terapia dzieci autystycznych oraz ich rodzin

Fundacja Krok Po Kroku
"Jestem mamą, jestem tatą mogę więcej"

Fundacja Lemoniada
Wielospecjalistyczne wsparcie dziecka zagrożonego niepełnosprawnością.

Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom Niepełnosprawnym HIPOTERAPIA
"Koń doda im skrzydeł - usprawnianie funkcjonowania  młodzieży niepełnosprawnej"

Zakończę cytatem z komunisty Ferdynanda Lassalle’a – patrona jednej z politycznych organizacji (źródło) z powyżej listy Państwa planowanych grantów, moje wolne tłumaczenie :
"Nigdy nie poznałem niczego równie śmiesznego, zepsutego, a na dłuższą metę niemożliwego jak konstytucjonalizm ... doszedłem do przekonania, że nic nie ma większej przyszłości i nie jest bardziej dobroczynne niż monarchia, jeśliby tylko stała się monarchią społeczną. W takim przypadku namiętnie nosiłbym jej sztandar, a programy konstytucyjne szybko bym wrzucił do pieca."
Źródło: Rohan Butler, The Roots of National Socialism, 1783-1933 (Faber and Faber, 1941), str. 134 (więcej).

Czy też tak Państwo sądzą? Czy też tego chcecie uczyć nasze dzieci?

Państwa odpowiedź zamieszczę na swoim społeczno-politycznym blogu.


Odpowiedź 1:

Przepraszamy, niestety nie możemy odebrać wiadomości. W pilnych sprawach prosimy o kontakt z biurem Fundacji 22 826 10 16.

Please contact  PCYF's office tel. +48 22 826 1016

Odpowiedź 2:

Szanowny Panie
Program Obywatele dla Demokracji jest realizowany w partnerstwie, przez Fundację im. Stefana Batorego i Polską Fundację Dzieci i Młodzieży.
Dotacje przyznawane są w ścieżkach tematycznych takich jak: zwalczanie dyskryminacji, przeciwdziałanie wykluczeniom, partycypacja obywatelska, kontrola obywatelska oraz dzieci i młodzież (http://www.ngofund.org.pl/projekty-tematyczne/). Projekty, które Pan wymienił otrzymały dofinansowane (lub nie) w ramach innych ścieżek tematycznych niż dzieci i młodzież. Wszystkie wnioski oceniane były przez zespół niezależnych ekspertów, specjalizujących się w danym obszarze tematycznym, zgodnie z Podręcznikiem dla Wnioskodawców i Grantobiorców
oraz kryteriami przedstawionymi w karcie oceny merytorycznej, stanowiących załącznik do Podręcznika. Dokumenty zamieszczone są na stronie programu Obywatele dla Demokracji www.ngofund.org.pl. Dokumenty oraz wytyczne zawarte w procedurach oceniania wniosków programu Obywatele dla Demokracji zostały zatwierdzone przez Biuro Mechanizmów Finansowych EOG w Brukseli.

Z poważaniem

Informacja i promocja
Obywatele dla Demokracji
Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego