Another ritual chariot discovered near Wrocław, Poland

I am sure that you have heard about  the Bronocice chariot - the oldest drawing of a wagon in the world, discovered in Poland, near Kraków:

If not, read more about it here: Google Translate of my Polish post about this neglected national treasure.

It is not the only object proving the antiquity of the Wheel symbol in the Indoeuropean (Polish) culture. In 2008 another ritual wagon (chariot) was discovered near Wrocław - the Domasław treasure from 600-800 BCE:
To see it in person, you can visit the newest exhibition in the Archeological Museum of Wrocław, until 15 FEB 2014.

Here are some photos I took thereof (click me for more)  :
Domasław Treasure pot

Domasław Treasure sun symbol

Domasław Treasure ritual wheel

Warhammer, pre-Lusitian culture, 1300-1600 BCE

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