Before and after Islam

Ver. 2.1

You may remember Iranian women protesting against hijabs in 1979:
Tehran streets

You may have seen young Syrian women before the 2011 Islamist "revolution":
"Assad regime" pool party
And that is how most Syrian women dress and behave after the local Taliban (=Daesh) took over:
Islamist outdoor disco

Summer sales in a Daesh clothes shop

Islamic factory of Darth Vader pajamas

Aisha Spring Range is on offer
You can have any color, as long as it is black

Now, these are the women protesting against islamic oppression in France as late as November 2013:

Remember what happened very soon in France in the years 2014 and 2015?

Mark my words: it will only get worse for the poor feminists, unless they arm themselves up instead of dressing down. See the history of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan to learn what usually happens when feminist women confront Islam:

Farkhuda before her death from Islamist mob
Internal session of Afghan Feminists (RAWA), in burkas and with their faces blurred


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