Ukrainian purveyors of hate

Today we will dox the Azov Batallion, which harbours fugitive Ukrainian Nazis from the Misanthropic Division:

The task is made easy, as they have recently created a full YouTube channel, where they praise Hitler and his Ukrainian minions:

against the background of energetic and adulatory guitar riffs.

Yes, this is what they promote:

An Old European history tidbit: compare the Algiz rune from this WWII flick:

to the tattoo sported by this state-sponsored Ukrainian fascist soldier currently fighting the "vatniks" in Donbass and shown during a supportive propaganda interview by official Ukrainian television channel:

But it gets worse. Here they praise murderous Dirlewanger's goons, who killed thousands of Poles and Polish Jews in 1944:

Want some more? Here's the Ukrainian "Hi Hitla" for you:


They are much into Holocaust, I say. They regularly practice sacrificial burning of humans, in fact. 

Here they burn the religious:

and non-religious people alike:

The non-Ukrainian "races", like these handome folks:

 are to be persecuted:


These are the very guys that we (Poland and the US) actively train and supply with guns.

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