Polish police and courts afraid of Islamic migrants: presumed killer Aslan Avduev, Аслан Авдуев, let free to roam Poland despite 2 extradition sentences further to Interpol notice


Meet the Chechen "refugee" Mr Aslan Avduev (Аслан Авдуев), who under the pseudonyms „Abulhan Haluev” (source), "Abdulkhan K" (source) and some other ones, has been living and "working" for years in Olsztyn, Poland since 2008, after he rescued himself through the well-protected Polish border.

Why is he shirtless in this photo? Because of his part-time job: an MMA fighter and enforcer.

His better known friend is another sportsman Mr Aslambek Saidov (source1, source2), with whom (and two Poles) he was arrested in 2014 for robbing and extorting Polish businessmen (source), see this film:

Mr Saidov and his two Polish co-defendants were released already in 2014 on bail, while Avduev stayed behind bars.

Why only he was left behind? Fast forward to summer of 2015. Afraid of Aslan's and his Islamic friends' direct threats to the prison guards, the police relocated him to another city: Gdańsk (source), from where he was supposed to be transported to the court each time (video link having been protested by his lawyer as "inhuman"). After a couple of sittings, the judges and anti-terrorist police felt so intimidated that the latter even refused to transport Avduev to the court (source), after he did not deign to leave his cell on account of Ramadan (source). 

The unmasked policeman's gesture says it all:
Under pressure, the court released him on 2 October 2015, as the victims did not turn up to testify, having received an offer they could not refuse. Officially, all witnesses "came to understanding with the accused" and withdrew the charges. Avduev is thus also out of prison, a sizeable bail having been paid once again by his friends (source).

Let us dox the background of this well-integrated and successful refugee. After being a "Chechen freedom fighter" fighting the Russians (his own words), and being sought for unrelated murder thousands of miles away in Kaliningrad region, Russia (source1, source2), he escaped to Poland using false identity and papers, making it to the list of 10 most dangerous criminals in Kaliningrad, still current as of 2015.

Here are the few photos from profiles of "Аслан Авдуев" on social media and in the Russian press that we found:

 "There is one Allah" gesture (Odnoklassniki source)


Proud Chechen Aslan with a gun in Kaliningrad (VKontakte source)

As an MMA fighter (source)

 As an Interpol mugshot (charges: murder, source)

Despite the repeated Interpol's and Russian government requests (source), the Polish Minister of Injustice failed to confirm the two Polish judicial extradition sentences yet (source), which is sine qua non for his deportation.

Thus this gentleman is now free to roam Poland (and soon other EU countries), together with co-religionist refugees such as these: 

See a fuller refugee gallery here.

Incidentally, there exists his younger namesake who still lives in Chechnya, and looks like this:

A younger Aslan Avduev, still in Grozny (Odnoklassniki source)
What is Aslan's favourite game? Call of Duty 4, of course (source).

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