Newsweek propaganda: not-so-German Death Camps

Check out the article Polish Activists Tow "Nazi German" Death Camps Billboard Through Europe in online Newsweek

Some corrections to Newsweek's insidious propaganda are due:
"in a bid to distance Poland from the atrocities of the Nazi regime."
-> to remind the viewers of the atrocities of the German (Nazi) regime.

"Auschwitz was built in the east European country, along with several other concentration camps, as part of the Nazis’ ethnic cleansing of Jews and other minorities during World War II."
Source: GermanDeathCamps
-> The Auschwitz concentration camp was built by Germans in occupied Poland [...] as part of their plan to exterminate Poles, Russians (the first victims of the camp), Jews etc. during WWII.

As you can see, even such an "objective" article in the US Press is tendentious by implying that Poles were responsible for the German camps and thus were Hitler's willing helpers. 

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